Welcome to Gastro Moulds

Gastro Moulds empowers restaurants with customized silicone moulds, stencils and shape cutters enhancing their culinary presentations and creativity. Elevate your dishes, impress your customers, and stand out in the competitive restaurant scene with our precision-crafted tools.

  • Bespoke Food Moulds

    Elevate your culinary artistry with our bespoke food-grade silicone moulds. Work with us to shape your culinary visions with our expertly designed, high-quality silicone moulds. Perfect for chefs, chocolatiers, and home bakers alike.

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  • Bespoke Food Stencils

    Transform your culinary canvas with our bespoke food-grade silicone stencils. Explore limitless possibilities in shaping and decorating your culinary creations with our expertly crafted, high-quality silicone stencils. Ideal for chefs, bakers, and culinary enthusiasts.

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  • Bespoke Food Cutters

    Elevate your creations with our custom-made, food-grade silicone cutters. Precision-designed for chefs and home cooks alike, these high-quality cutters add an artistic touch to every dish. Explore endless possibilities in shaping and styling with our expertly crafted silicone cutters.

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